Friday, February 1, 2008

February is the Time for Love

So Ok, yes, Hallmark has decided this is the month for us to send Valentine's to our loved ones. But really is that so bad? Focusing on love, what a great thing to focus on. It increases the amount of love we feel, and what we put out there, comes back to us 10 fold. Here is my list of things I love, and I invite you to add to the list. What do you love? Oh and by the way, these are in no particular order - just the random thoughts as they come through my head.

1. Writing this blog, writing my newsletter. It's fun.
2. Chocolte mint popcorn from Trader Joe's. I have a serious addiction to it.
3. Clean sheets on my bed.
4. How happy my pets are to see me when I come home. The sound of my cats purring. My dog grunting happily as she licks my ear.
5. A really good night's sleep. Heaven.
6. Walking in the early morning with a full moon. Quiet. Dark. My thoughts alone.
7. Talking to my kids on the phone, hearing how their lives are, saying "I love you".
8. Holding my yoga poses so I feel so "in the moment".
9. My office. I am surrounded by things I love - Books, pictures of my loved ones, retreat supplies, cards from clients, coaching materials. All things I love.
10. Having a deep and tender conversation with my sweetie, when I feel my heart turn a flip flop.
11. Time to really LAUGH out loud with my girl friends. I'm talking laughing until you cry.
12. The bliss of a warm bath, with my ears under the water so I hear my own heart beat.

That's a good start. What you got????