Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Back in the Flow in Times of Challenge

I have a mantra I like to remember when times feel hard for me - and it's to remember to let go and flow, flow like the river. I visualize this at the same time, me in my little boat on the water, and instead of being stuck on the rocks, or trying so hard and struggling to paddle paddle paddle ever harder up stream, I release, let go and allow myself to flow. It's funny because I can literally feel it in my body when I let go and say oh yeah, I'm working too hard, flow. The trick is to remember to do that and not get stuck in the struggling part.
As a business owner, it has been challenging not to get stuck in the "money manic" that has been generated since last fall. I don't want that to be my reality. I want my reality to be that life flows gently and easily for me, money flows gently and easily for me, my health flows gently and easily, ...But I can get caught up in the fear that is out there and worry, which is what I noticed I was doing, which made me work harder and harder and get more stressed and worried and question myself and just not feel good. So today I will be in reminder mode for myself - let go and flow whenever I feel the tightening and clenching start to take over my body.
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