Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lately I've been thinking and reading a lot about the art of writing. I love to write. I have a degree in English so I guess I've always fancied myself as somewhat of a writer, though I rarely gave myself the actual title of Writer. Unlike many folks, I haven't had a lifelong dream to write and publish a book and I don't currently write poetry or stories. Yet, I enjoy expressing myself through words and what I'm truly enjoying right now is exploring both being a better writer and spending more time in creative pursuit of writing via journaling.

When I have trouble sorting through problems or mind-numbing life equations, a nagging inner voice begins prompting me to "go write!". Yet I resist and so often many other activities end up taking priority. I do know that when I take the time to be with myself and just write, whatever flows from my heart to the page, I have felt much more clear and more focused. It is the resistance to allocating this time, that I now question. Why do I resist? What do I fear? Are there answers I'm avoiding hearing?

With this new year, I have a new desire (no, it's not a "Should") to journal more frequently and creatively. I'm also giving myself a few minutes every morning to doodle using a prompt. My inner artist is calling very loudly to me and I'm listening.

I'm heeding the call and asking what about you? Would you like to join me? Do you have a repetitive yearning to begin or to maintain a journal practice? Do you resist journaling, yet have a sneaking suspicion that it might actually be good for you? Would you like some form of structure in order to explore how journaling might change your life?

I'm planning a journaling group to begin at the beginning of February. Our group would meet, either in person or by telephone on a weekly basis. I would supply journaling prompts and coaching around your journaling practice, and I'll facilitate group coaching as your ideas and feelings float to the surface.

* What would you like to see happen in 2010?
* What are your personal goals and aspirations?

Triggering your right brain is a great way to allow your creative mind to set the wheels in motion. Contact me if this is speaking to you. Together we can unveil and release the treasure that has been lying dormant, ready to be discovered.