Monday, April 13, 2009

Eagle vs Mouse

Low angle view of a Bald Eagle
Have you ever had trouble making a decision? Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Been unable to find clarity in a new situation? Many times I have found it can be a matter of perspective. We get stuck because we are seeing a situation from one perspective and insights come if we take a different perspective.

It helps me to remember the idea of eagle vision vs. mouse vision. An eagle sees the big picture as he glides over the countryside and miraculously can see the big picture in enough detail to focus in and see one tiny mouse way down there. The mouse, on the other hand has the very focused, up close and personal vision of what is right in front of him as he scurries through the bushes. Both these perspectives have their advantages and their place in any given situation.

In times of confusion, of unorganized running to accomplish things, if I stop and develop awareness of both perspectives, sometimes ideas will click and solutions fall into place.

As an example, being in business for myself, I sometimes feel I have so many things going at once with coaching clients, other business women I'm collaborating with, writing, speaking, emails to follow up with, that I frequently feel the tug of so many threads dangling, so many loose ends to keep track of. On a day like today when I have no planned meetings and a large block of time for productive activities, I can feel like I have mouse perspective, running ADD-like from one half-finished task to another half-finished task, responding to an email, starting a blog, then whoa bright shiny objects, there's another thread to follow.

While the details are important to the flow of my work, and essential for forward movement, I also need to take time at least once a day to gain the perspective of the eagle. From high above my office I can see the big picture, I can see my mission and my purpose - "to support women who feel stuck to find their authentic and happier selves". From that vantage point I can create my daily To Do list which will take into account the big picture and even prioritize.

I invite you when feeling challenged to:

1. look at it from the eagle perspective and experience your heart's response
2. look at it from the mouse perspective and experience your heart's response
3. switch back and forth as needed for a fresh and creative perspective.