Monday, November 26, 2007

My First Official Post

OK, I resisted starting a blog for some time, thinking, who wants to read the random thoughts of this woman? But I'm starting to get more and more how interconnected we all are, the astonishing power and use of the internet, how more and more people find each other in these ways. As a Coach and Retreat Coach, I want to meet people. I want people to meet me. So here I am putting my words out into the universe. I know I'm going to learn a lot from this experience and I'm excited about that.

I'm on a trajectory path right now...moving, moving moving in the direction I want to go and feel I am supposed to go. I am meeting and partnering with other like minded souls and who I am is getting out there in the universe.

Simply put, I coach people with warmth and heart to break through barriers and think outside the box and start taking responsibility for this one wonderful life they have to live. I have started calling myself The Retreat Coach too; not that I am the only one, but the only one I know of in my local area and reatreating really is a lot of what I"m about. Take that time out. Stop, breathe, BE, align yourself with nature and open yourself to something bigger. That's who I am and what I do in the world.

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