Friday, October 10, 2008

Dealing with Stress in Turbulent Times

I'm pretty sure no matter who you are, what your business/job might be, or what your "portfolio" looks like, it's hard not to get a bit stressed with what is going on right now. That is all we hear on the news and all that the papers have to offer. I don't get the paper anymore, but on my walk this morning, walking past one on a driveway I saw the headline, something about "country seized with fear". Oh my gosh I thought, is that ever a way to create your reality NOT based on what I want my reality to be. The reality is, the more we focus on what is wrong, the more that is what we notice, and the more we are plugged into the ugly feelings and the more that is what we get. You Law of Attraction student got that right?

I know we need to take care of ourselves financially and be prudent and smart. But the more this fear grips us as a nation, the more that is what we will have and live in -- FEAR

So here are my tips for dealing with this hard to avoid stuff.

1. Take care of yourself. That should always be number 1 on your list. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself economically, whatever that may be. Consult someone who you trust on issues related to your financial picture if it will make you feel better. Do what you need to do. Then LET IT GO.

2. Limit the exposure you have to the news - papers, news on TV and discussions with people in your life. I like to listen to NPR while driving. It gives me the highlights, as well as some good in depth news, but there is variety, and it's not all what's wrong or bad. I don't generally watch the news on TV -- the debates lately, but that's it. I don't need the constant droning in my brain about all that is bad. Inform yourself, and then focus your attention elsewhere.

3. With regard to limiting discussions with people in your life, just notice when people are going on with the "isn't it awful?" dialog. It is easy to get caught up in this dialog and not good for you. Notice how you start to become angry or worried and tense up as the conversation escalates. When you notice this and your response to it, change the subject to something more pleasant or walk away. This behavior doesn't mean we are avoiding reality. It means we are choosing to focus on what is working while handling what isn't quiety.

4. Find time for fun. Getting worried about money or other concerns robs us of our ability to be our natural fun and playful selves . We need time for fun, alone or with others. Do something that makes you feel good everyday. Read a funny book. Watch a funny movie. Laugh with friends. Dance. Watch kittens, puppies or little children playing. They haven't forgotten how to have fun.

5. Breathe. Take time to be still. If we are always going and moving and doing, we don't have time to relax and find our center, that place where we can connect with our authentic self and remember who we are. A few minutes of stillness everyday does wonders.

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