Saturday, November 1, 2008

Honoring my authentic self with Gratitude

Here it is, November and I am ready to accept the challenge I have put in motion - to be in gratitude in a bigger way than ever before. So how did my gratitude show up today and how did I express it?

Well, I started my morning by deciding I needed to be true to myself, to express some resentment I had been building toward my sweetie, so I did, we had "The Talk" and I ended this uncomfortable discussion by sharing with him my gratitude idea and asking if he'd like to engage in this meaningful act along with me. He agreed! Today there were several times when things were tight for one reason or another we looked at each other and said - "I'm grateful..."

I am grateful that my underlying core value is to be true to myself, to be authentic, even when it is hard to do. I'm getting so much better at it too. I am grateful I am standing up for myself more and more, asking for what I need no matter what.

I feel grateful that even though my Retreat Hike was rained out today, and I was disappointed, that it meant I got to spend the day with my daughter. I enjoyed her company so much, just sitting and talking, preparing lunch together, cleaning up, looking at videos online of fetuses (she's 15 weeks pregnant). It was a day I would not have had, if I hadn't cancelled the hike.

Is it possible to just fall more and more deeply in love with your pets? Well I feel that happening in my life. We have a weiner dog and two male cats, all of whom are getting older. My orange boy is the most lovable feline. He just looks at me and purrs. It's enchanting. As lovable as he is though, he is picky about being touched and is not a lap boy. Until last night as he climbed into my lap and fell asleep. I felt so grateful that as he is aging he wants to be closer to me, and grateful that I could take the time to sit and do nothing, so that I can enjoy him while I can.

Those are my noticings of today. I felt good overall today and found unique and enlightening ways to be in gratitude which also honored me and my needs.

Are you on board with me? Let me know your thoughts on being in gratitude and my 30 day challenge.

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