Saturday, November 29, 2008

A new Day to be Grateful

Well Thanksgiving is officially past for 2008, although you may still be enjoying leftovers. I want to continue to focus on gratitude, especially as we go forward into the holiday season. With Black Friday and the holiday frenzy beginning, I want to stay with the feelings of being happy for what I have.

Many people in my family have adopted the less is more attitude and the more economic ways of dealing with Christmas. We will be exhanging something hand made -- food, a poem, something of ourselves not store bought. I asked my sweetie if we could forego presents to each other this year and instead treat ourselves to time together -- a special night out, or other date-like gift is more what I am wanting. I keep thinking of that song - "All I want for Christmas is you".

I am truly blessed -- blessed by the family I have - sisters who I love and feel so connected to; two kids who I think the world of; a son-in-law who is a mother's dream of sweet, kind and loving to my daughter; my first grandchild growing in my daughter's womb; my sweetie who cares for me so much, as well as his family; all my friends and the clients who I admire so much.

I am truly grateful for all I have and feel the need for nothing more with the exception of perhaps more time in every day to enjoy it all!

With gratitude and blessings to you ~

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