Thursday, December 11, 2008

Letting Go of 2008

A thought just occured to me. I find myself recognizing often the things I need to let go of. Letting go is an ongoing process and when I get stuck it's because I'm not letting go of something. This afternoon I was frustrated with computer and technical stuff around my blog and website. I worked and worked at the technical issues of getting my blog site to look exactly how I want it to look. I became more frustrated and tired and realized I needed to let go and let it be. It was not worth it.

There is always something I can let go of. Right now I have some piles of paper in my office. The piles represent stuff I'm not letting go of, stuff that needs to move into a neater home. Maybe you are not letting go of an idea or belief about yourself or another person. All this got me thinking of the continuous process of letting go and that I'd like to offer the opportunity for anyone who wants to let go of something(s) as we leave 2008 to do so in a supportive environment.

I am proposing a Winter Solstice Letting Go Virtual Retreat. I will provide some ideas, journal prompts, a guided visualization and group coaching to support you in letting go and allow you the space to do so. Come prepared to really let go of some stuff that is no longer serving you.

Letting Go Group Coaching Call Sunday December 21, 2008 8:00 pm-9:00 pm PST. Post your interest or email me to get the call-in info. $20.00

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