Friday, February 27, 2009

Treating Yourself with Abundance

Happy Self-Care Friday to all of you. I like to create an inspirational word each day that keeps me on track with my intentions throughout the day. Today my word was abundance. I, like many of you I'm sure, can have a tendency to get caught up from time to time in the "woe is me" regarding the economy. How can you not? I see examples of the economy's influence everywhere I look and with people I know. It can be so easy to start looking at my own financial picture and wondering how long I can hold out in "this economy". Feelings of lack and doubt do not help to build up self-esteem or bank accounts. We all know that what we focus on increases so the more I focus on what I don't have, guess what, that's what I have.

I decided I wanted to feel abundance in my life today in all areas. So I repeated the phrase I have abundance in my life. I have abundance in my life during my morning walk. I felt wealthy in many ways and life felt big. I kept repeating it throughout my day. Much evidence showed up that I do have an abundant life: I received in my mail today not only a fabulous letter from my son (not an email but an actual 2 page letter, bless his heart) and an unexpected check! Abundance. I noticed a tree in our yard was bursting with pink blossoms so I cut a few sprigs and placed them in a vase on my windowsill. Abundance.

This one word has made me feel more on purpose in my work today -- abundance in a very powerful coaching session with a client; abundance in my planning and writing activities for upcoming events. No place or room for lack today. If I had focused on what I don't have, I know an empty sad feeling would have followed me all day. That is not practicing self-care not self-neglect.

I find in working with people in a coaching relationship, so often they are focusing on what is not working. If we can open up the door just a little bit to experience the lightness of what IS working, their motivation starts to show up, they feel good about themselves and they can start to move forward.

I wish you all a weekend filled with abundance. Let me know how that shows up in your life.


Darlene Siddons said...

great article and is another tool for creating abundance....Vision Map Videos....they are for your eyes only and work great for manifesting...enjoy!!


Allison said...

Excellent reminder. It is so easy to focus on what isn't working. But, there is plenty around us that lets us know we do have abundance: friends, loving family members, beauty...we just have to be willing to look at it. I remember in some past tough times I suddenly had a thought one day that many of the things that enriched my life would still be just fine if money/position went away, books I like to read, good friends, Mozart, sunsets, flowers...they weren't going anywhere. It made me realize that alot of things I think are 'necessary' are just nice extras, but they aren't what really makes life worth living.

Coach Cindie Wilding said...

Thanks Darlene and Allison. I'm a big believer in the power of having a vision. I'm a Futurist and visioning and inspiring a vision are my strengths so love it. And yes, Allison, awesome, things that don't cost money sure seem to be the best smile-makers in the long run. In Oprah this month there is an article about a woman who went back to a simpler life and was so much happier. Very inspiring. Here's to Abundant Awareness for all of us today!

Loyce! said...

And how do we define a "simpler life"? We who love modern conveniences such as our microwaves and computers would be challenged to go back. Isn't life really about trying to balance out the "now". Specifics are needed when talking about simpler because some are in mansions and do need to scale down and others are looking merely to balance out the "now" because economics are a key element here and those who are challenged economically may have to size down to survive. One must look at the entire picture not view it from the eye of a fabulously wealthy celeb who has no husband/no children and can't possibly ever know what it is to struggle to make ends meet. Let's celebrate our contemporaries, those who live in the real world with real families and economic challenges. Vent/vent/vent.

Coach Cindie Wilding said...

Thanks for sharing Loyce. In the article I referenced in Oprah it was a "typical" middle class woman with a husband and two kids. It appeared she had accumulated lots of stuff and was doing lots of things but she wasn't happy. When she analyzed her life she decided to move to a small one bedroom home and got rid of many of the gadgets and electronic toys so she felt she was communicating more with her children. It felt more real to her. I think that is a lesson in all of us being mindful of what is and isn't working in our life. If having lots makes us tired, then what is the point? If someone feels more creative and connected when paring down to cooking home meals, riding bikes with their kids and not zoning out in front of video games, then there is a benefit in simplifying for them. As you say, it's a matter of balance and it's a matter of noticing what works for US, not others. And I admit, I felt inspired when I read her story as I think I can feel that having too much going on and too much stuff is sometimes draining and I'm certainly not the upper class!