Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inspiration for Changing Times

I was thinking about what it means, what it feels like to be inspired. I know when I focus on inspiration I feel uplifted. Many of us at midlife are finding ourselves heading down a different path than we ever imagined when we were younger. Suddenly so many 'older' folks are taking different jobs, different careers in order to make ends meet. Yesterday I listened to something on NPR about survival jobs, jobs folks are taking that may be minimum wage but they are helping them survive.

What can we do to get ourselves through these times when it feels so many are getting laid off, needing to get creative and desperately in need of inspiration? I say keep focusing on what makes you happy. What gets your juices going? What lights you up? Identify that and move towards finding a way to incorporate it into your daily life through a part time job, hobby or just an excursion.

If we can stay aligned as much as possible with our true nature, we feel better and consequently we ooze that good feeling out to the world which makes other people respond in kind, feeling like "I want some of what she's got".

So what makes you smile? I was having a down day the other day, pathetically allowing myself to get down, which then kept me in that downward spiral. I decided I needed a break from office and computer and went to a local outdoor shopping center. The energy there uplifts me. There is a big square with a huge fountain, and kids and families are always drawn to the fountain, watching it, yelling with glee as it spouts up. Even if the stores are closed, you see people sitting together talking. It's just nice. So I walked around and the sunshine and happy people started working their magic. I went in one of my favorite 'looking around' stores - Anthropologie. They have such fun clothes with the kind of detail that I love - appliques, flowers, lace, fun buttons. I noticed how the clothes were making me smile. Ah, good feeling. I tried on some things and one blouse looked really good on me! More smiles. Now had I been in a place of looking for a job, this would be a store that would make me feel good when I came to work.

I'm not suggesting retail therapy is the way to go. I'm saying look for what makes you smile. Look for signs of things showing up in your universe that say Yes - go this way, do this thing and keep going in the direction of your dreams. It is when we allow ourselves to follow our dreams that we are being true to who we are and will ultimately feel happier.

So what small thing can you do today that makes you smile? If you are struggling financially what part time job could you take on that is of interest to you? Something that lights you up? Maybe it's not in your chosen career path but completely different. Inspiration and outside the box thinking are all that is required.

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